Our new president

Whether you voted for Donald Trump or not, he is our 45th president of the land of the free. Whether you like him or not, I believe this man has been chosen by God to rule. Like God has used men of ancient times to do God’s bidding; i.e., King Cyrus, Donald Trump will be used as well.

I’m saddened by the rioting in the streets that comes from those who are claiming to be afraid and fearful of their future in America. As though their rights are going to be taken away because the GOP is now in power? Who is ginning up this fear?

For so long, our country has been directed by socialist leaning leadership that would have America be a country that we need to somehow pardon… that we should be ashamed somehow of our nation and that someone needs to change it.1868211031 Through a scope of liberalism, our leadership was bound to take America down–slowly, through a thousand cuts–and guide its passage into a global, one-world, borderless free market entity… down an abyss and devoid of God. This was the plan. But it’s been thwarted–for now.

With Donald Trump in power, I believe God has given America a chance to redeem our country from the brink of the unimaginable. May God continue to use our country’s leadership to bring about His plans and protocols for America and that we would remain free to share the Gospel.