A special day to remember…

To all of the Veterans who’ve served in foreign wars to keep our enemies at bay and who risked their lives, America thanks you for your selfless service.

I cannot fathom all that goes through a serviceman’s mind when faced with enemy combatants surrounding on all sides. The fear of losing one’s life in this capacity can only come to me vicariously through your stories. To that sacrifice, you are all heroes.

In light of the turmoil in America today with people burning flags and demeaning the culture because of grievances, the only redeeming thing today is that the flag still flies in the hearts of Americans who value life that’s been given to them. Through the storms of war and tragedy, our Lord God, the almighty, reigns and has been with America since its conception. God has shone his face on this great nation and will continue as long as His will reigns.

Despite the acts of a few desperate and ignorant souls who currently make up the minority in their petty and heartless acts today, the glory of God’s hand on this country will not be snuffed out. Our future America is still bright, and as long as God continues to rule in the hearts and minds of its citizens, the nation will prosper.

It’s my prayer that God speaks to these wayward people, a sad and desperate people who do not understand that God is the solution to every grievance. May God continue to bless America, and thank you Vets for your courage and bravery to keep the country the land of the free.images1-2