On life, liberty and social justice…

There’s a root that has taken hold in our country. It’s not new, but it’s been driven deeper to the point where now a wedge has formed that speaks to the founding principles of liberty and life as something not lent to us by our Creator.

Through a secular utopian mindset, man has now inserted himself as the new arbiter of social justice that somehow precludes God.  The social justice mantra is now King.

So what’s wrong with social justice?

The secular utopian mindset driving social justice is that man is the engine to bring about perfection while on earth, yet our founding fathers believed that man was fallible given his own devices. (Therein lies the value of our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.) At the same time, there is an overt persuasion to denigrate America and our founding documents, which ascribe that all men are created equal and have been given life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Liberally inspired revisionists are now changing the face of history. History is being rewritten to teach today that America is an illegitimate country. The new word is that the holocaust never existed; it’s been expunged right from the record. Truths are being redefined and obscured about so many things, including the Supreme Court’s edifice with Moses holding the 10 commandments–only now it’s the “10 amendments” the Washington, D.C. guides are told to say.  It’s now somehow anti-American to hold to a religiosity that some do not adhere to.

America is being painted in a poor light as though the country should be somehow ashamed of itself. Just like communist propaganda indoctrination is used to mollify the masses into a politically correct stupor (easier to control that way), America is on the road one day to this same end through the denial of God and the life that He’s created.

What’s also being mocked is the life that God has created. Why is life  so important? Without life, no other rights matter.1868211031 We’re at a crossroads in America. Just days before our Presidential election. it is incumbent for us as Americans to vote. All the more, consider your vote a referendum on where you want the nation to go as a people, and to what value do you ascribe to life.