In everything, give thanks…


Today, there was no choice but to quote one of my favorite Bible verses to myself as my husband and I sat in a deluge of traffic–the likes of which we’d never encountered before while doing Saturday morning errands around town. This was no ordinary traffic.

Saturday morning chores had never been this complicated. After an hour or two, the work is done and we’re back home by lunch time.  Turns out, a Harry Potter festival had brought the streets around Chestnut Hill to a standstill. As our frustration mounted, I remembered that in everything, we are to give thanks.

In an effort to make it back home, we were forced to route ourselves away from the blocked off streets and throngs of people, farther and farther away from where we needed to be and drove through what seemed like miles of neighborhood enclaves  we’d otherwise never had known existed.  It was lovely scenery; however, like a bad dream, the frustration of not being able to get home (actually, we were lost) ultimately led us to prayer.

Miles later, we finally found a main artery that led back home. I had to smile to myself. What had we lost in our delay to make it home? Nothing, really. We were not tired, lonely, thirsty or even hungry, even though lunch time had come and gone.

So once again, I say thank you, Lord, for the experience. We’re not sure where our paths take us in life, but we are sure that you are right with us every step of the way.