What’s to come of America?

As we attempt to be the salt and light that we’re called to be as  Christians in America, it’s become more challenging. Not that spreading the gospel is difficult. But in the face of an avalanche of naysayers and opposition, it may sometimes feels as though our seed sowing is falling on deaf ears and poor soil.

With the election of our next Commander-in-Chief upon us, it’s so incumbent to voice our opinion in light of God’s word. I must say, though, that before becoming politically-minded, living as an a-political Christian was much easier during times like the present.

Avoiding politics all together once was easy, although I’d been introduced to it early through my excellent Jr. high school history teacher, Mr. Ruda. Yet soon I’d come to believe that all politicians seemed in business to lie. That was my take, and I’d maintained that mindset for the next two decades.

My awakening came in the following century while literally running to the polls to vote for George W. Bush, an avowed Christian. I’ve been running to the polls ever since.

As the sovereigns in a sovereign nation such as America, it’s our duty to God and my country to vote. It’s how we hold the leader’s feet to the fire. “We the People” are the ones in charge of the country, and we elect the leaders.  It’s the way our system was designed.

This election, they say, marks the turning point for America. With the country’s liberties falling away like scattered leaves, I will be quick to cast my vote for the leadership that will keep America independent, strong and free. While my true citizenship is in Heaven, I want America to remain prosperous for future generations should the Lord choose to tarry and until He returns.